Use this page to browse through all the #YOURCAtz created so far.

Currently, YOURCAtz have been generated, minted and sent. TICKEWTs (OBJKT#106008) have been sold, and remain unburned. A total of ROYAL items have been found so far.

IMPORTANT: I'm starting to run out of TICKEWTs. To avoid a complete buyout, I've cancelled all listings. To get a TICKEWT you now need to place an offer of exactly 3tz (that's the official price) on and wait for me to accept it. First come first served! Links will lead you to the page where to make the offer!

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is the price in $XTZ for the OBJKT, if it's on sale.

represents the various combinations probability. The lower this number, the rarest the YOURCAtz!

is the edition number out of the max possible supply of 800 YOURCAtz.

Want your own YOURCAtz? Buy and burn a TICKEWT (OBJKT#106008). A cat will be randomly generated from your burn txn hash and sent to your Tezos address. You can burn multiple TICKEWTs together. Full instructions on the main website